HRV Love… Look at this beautiful Heat Recovery Ventilator!

March 30, 2017 kelownapassivehouse

HRV: a key component to all Passivhaus and Net-Zero Homes.  So….What is It?

Green Building

In a Passive House, we keep the home airtight in order to keep energy usage low.  But there’s a drawback… Our homes NEED regular changes of air to keep them healthy. So, we use a Heat Recovery Ventilator.

An HRV consist of two ventilation ducts running side by side, and passes between the inside and the outside of a house. One duct carries colder, fresh air in; the other carries the moist, stale air out. The clever bit is that the airstreams run through a device called a heat exchanger that allows the outgoing air to pass most of its heat to the incoming air without the two airstreams actually mixing together.  HRV

This process  will reduce energy requirements  by using the heat from the air (that you have paid for), to ‘pre-warm’ the fresh air that you need to bring into the house.  What does that mean? You don’t need to use excessive energy (and money!) to heat up the air coming into the house- it’s already warm. A good HRV will keep a consistent and controlled supply of fresh air into the home, making it more healthy and comfortable.

Passive House = Energy Efficient, Healthy and Comfortable thanks to this gorgeous HRV!